-A Mayonaise Jar and Two cups of Coffee 03/27/05
-Important revisions to the prescribing information for LAMICTAL 01/03/05
-Gettind the recommended amounts of Calcium and Vitamin D 12/31/04
-GATE Pharmaceuticals introduces PURINETHOL 60-Count Bottles 12/10/2004
-Aquatic therapy is physical therapy that takes place in a pool or other aquatic environment under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional. Buy an above ground pool at for your water therapy, or aquatic rehabilitation. Accelerate your rehabilitation, ease your chronic pain & exercise in a pain-free environment. 06/01/05
– Introducing EBRITUX, The First and Only lgG1 Monoclonal Antibody That Binds Specifically to the EGF Receptor (HER1 or c-ErbB-1) on Both Normal and Tumor Cells          06/01/04
– New Home Kits to Test for STDs 06/10/04
– New Spiriva HandiHaler Pharmacy Shelf Education Kit 05/10/05
– Medical Jon Renau wigs for women with hair loss, or thinning hair due to medical conditions (Alopecia, Telogen effluvium, tec) or procedures such as chemotherapy or radiation…. 05/30/04
– Launching of CRESTOR (rosuvastatin calcium) for lower cholesterol
– Information on CRESTOR
– Mallinckrodt return policy change information 05/10/04
– New Claritin Hives Relief 05/04/04
– Urgent Purdue Recall Information 05/04/04
– AmeriSourceBergen retail level recall information 05/04/04
– New Medicare-approved Prescription Discount Cards 05/04/04
– Novartis drug warning and important prescribing information for Zelnorm 05/04/04
– Top 10 Facts about New Medicare Benefits -PhCA… 04/27/04
– The Controversy over the hCG diet plan 04/27/04
– From Pharmacy Care Alliance – New Medicare Prescription Benefits are coming… 04/27/04
– Update for Product Information on Riomet…03/28/04
– Information from Lilly on Humalog update…03/27/04
– Janssen Pharmaceuticals has taken immediate steps to correct the Duragesic patch leak…03/14/04 More Info
– Copegus and Pegasys: The Right Combination… 11/27/03
– FDA approved Paxil CR for the treatment of premenstrual symptoms.. 10/18/03
– Wyeth wishes to inform you about the Safety of Effexor┬« in pediatric patients. 09/01/03
– Let your customers know that Allegra may be a good option for them. 06/23/03
– Exelon Efficacy demonstrated in clinical trials. 06/23/03
– LDL cholesterol plummets as much as 24% without a prescription. 06/23/03
– Zyprexa Zydis (olanzapine) orally desintegrating tablets-updated stocking information. 05/16/03
– Legislative Alert / Legislative Defense Fund. 06/11/03
– Warning: Neoral (cyclosporine) – An incorect substitution may pose a treat to patients. 06/19/03
– Proto-Kit is indicated for relief of the inflammatory and pruritic manifestations of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses. 06/19/03
– Introducing Coppertone┬« Spectrs 3 – The next generation of sunscreen protection. 06/20/03
– Pfizer U.S. Pharmaceuticals provides the opportunity for you to earn rebates on the utilization of Pfizer products.
– Valley Independent Pharmacy Alliance 06/20/03
– Retail pharmacies may earn rebates on patient-paid prescriptions based on their achievement of market share goals for certain products promoted by Pfizer.
– As a Pharmacist, you have the opportunity to Influence 8 out of 10 purchase decisions! 06/19/03
– Ethex, the nation’s leading provider of prescription prenatal vitamins, is pleased to provide prenatal vitamin reference materials. 06/30/03
– Important women’s health care products… now available for Pharmacies – Prochieve™ 8% (progesterone gel) Rx only, specifically designed for vaginal administration 03/30/03.
– Did you know about the substudy of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) conducted in women age 65 and older. 05/28/03
– Retail pharmacies that manage pharmacy risk through a formulary on behalf of health plans or other entities offering pharmacy benefits may earn rebates on managed scripts if they can meet the following criteria: (1) they manage the pharmacy benefit and the financial risk for the bnefit, and (2) they manage drug utilization through a formulary.
– To learn more about the opportunity to earn rebates, contact a Pfizer representative at 1-800-276-7194.
– Welchol No Generic available 12/02/02

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